LANG: Excursion 1/Welcome To Earth

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Ausschnitte aus der CD LANG: Excursion 1/Welcome To Earth

{audio}Welcome To Earth|langduo/1_01welA.mp3; Strange Theories|langduo/1_02strangeB.mp3; Young And Wondering|langduo/1_03youngC.mp3; Don't Look Back|langduo/1_04lookbackD.mp3; Never In All My Heart|langduo/1_05neverE.mp3; Like Sweeney|langduo/1_06likeF.mp3; The Spiritual Sense|langduo/1_07senseG.mp3; Send Me A Sign|langduo/1_08asignH.mp3; {/audio}

Ausschnitte aus der CD "LANG: Excursion 1/Welcome To Earth" (8 Titel)
Komposition/Gitarre/Vocals: Colin Lang
Klavier/Background-Vocals: Florian Malecki

LANG: - Excursion 1/Welcome To Earth


  • Soundbeispiel Ausschnitte aus der CD
  • Design Florian Malecki
  • Verpackungsdesign Florian Malecki
  • Label dégagée, Dachau