LANG: Excursion 2/Oblivion

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Ausschnitte aus der CD LANG: Excursion 2/Oblivion

{audio}My One And Only|langduo/2_01mOaOA.mp3; Questions|langduo/2_02QuestionsB.mp3; Something Is Broken|langduo/2_03SiBrokenC.mp3; This Is The Way It Has To Be|langduo/2_04ThisIsD.mp3; You|langduo/2_05YouE.mp3; Apple Tart|langduo/2_06AppleF.mp3; Stop|langduo/2_07StopG.mp3; New Humanism|langduo/2_08NewHumH.mp3; The Madness Of Fitting in|langduo/2_09MadnessI.mp3; Your Beautiful Face|langduo/2_10YBFaceJ.mp3; {/audio}

Ausschnitte aus der CD "LANG: Excursion 2/Oblivion" (10 Titel)
Komposition/Gitarre/Vocals: Colin Lang
Klavier/Background-Vocals: Florian Malecki


  • Soundbeispiel Ausschnitte aus der CD
  • Design Florian Malecki
  • Verpackungsdesign Florian Malecki
  • Label dégagée, Dachau